Precious metals articles - technical requirements


National legislation

Ordinance on the technical requirements, other than those referring to the standard of fineness, precious metal articles have to comply with
Official Gazette, No. 18/2017 

Competent authority

State Office for Metrology
Phone: +385 1 563 00 00

Scope of application

Prescribes rules on the technical requirements that precious metal articles must meet concerning the standard of fineness of soldering preparations, platings of other precious metals, parts made of base metals and parts made of other materials, if any, and other requirements with respect to their manufacture.

Main requirements that the business user needs to know about

Precious metals articles should comply with the stipulated standard of fineness.

National action - Mandatory testing and hallmarking shall apply to: gold articles weighing more than 3 g and silver articles weighing more than 3 g.

Market Surveillance Authority

State Office for Metrology

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