How does Product Contact Point work?

Product Contact Points provide, at the request of an economic operator or a competent authority of another Member State, among others, the following information, free of charge:
Technical regulations applying to a certain type of products in the territory where Product Contact Points are located, as well as information whether these types of products require prior authorisation procedure in accordance with the legislation of the Member State concerned, including information on the mutual recognition principle and application of Regulation (EU) 2019/515 in the territory of the Member State concerned;
The contact details, by means of which the competent authorities in the Member State concerned may be contacted directly, including the particulars of the authorities responsible for supervising the implementation of the national technical rules applicable in the territory of the Member State concerned;
Remedies which are generally available in the territory of the Member State concerned in the event of a dispute between the competent authority and an economic operator.
Product Contact Points respond within 15 working days of receiving any request.

The Product Contact Point in the Republic of Croatia is established at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

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